Back in 2007 we started under a very different name - the Anti Drug Alliance.

It worked well for 10 years, but we had changed. 

Our vision had changed. Our understanding about drugs and the horrible "a" word had changed. We don't even use that word any more. We say Substance Use Disorder. We say drug misuse - we never say drug abuse.

We know that some of us can use drugs without a problem. We also know that some of us can't. 

At The Clear Option, we understand that you are a unique individual, and that your treatment program should be just as individual. We understand that drug testing at work is not to catch you out, but to make sure you are healthy - even if you used last night. We understand that the public deserves to know the truth, even if it means going against the flow. We believe in advocating for better drug laws. We believe in using all sorts of media to educate kids and adults about the realities of drugs and drug use & misuse.

We believe that plants like cannabis are medicine, and if it works to help you get off crystal or H, we think you should use it. It's not the gateway drug. It's the exit drug. 

We are The Clear Option.

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