Corporate Drug Testing

Many companies test their staff for drugs. We work together with these companies to:

  1. Ensure that the correct policies and procedures are in place;
  2. That testing is done in the most professional and ethical way;
  3. That help is offered where necessary;
  4. That education is offered where applicable; 
  5. And to ensure that staff are healthy and make the right decisions regarding drug or alcohol use.

Our pricing models are much lower than other drug testing companies, and we have many years experience dealing with large companies such as Toshiba SA, Hyundai, Renault, Kia, Liquid Capital and a host of other companies and businesses.

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Substance Abuse Policy

Every company, business, school or organisation needs an effective substance abuse policy.

We will assist you in creating a document which is fair, legal and suits YOUR BUSINESS.

Not every business or person is the same. We get that.

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No, we don't do it like they do on TV. So whilst we all love a good cloak and dagger abduction in the middle of the night, we prefer to do things a bit more professionally and ethically.

We guide you through the process of helping a loved one or staff member through their problem, into a place where they are happy and healthy, in a way that is humane, safe, professional and ethical.

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